Linnanmäki: Taiga • 30 seconds

TV, cinema, digiscreen and web • Production Company: Cocoa • Agency: Orange Advertising

Oppi & Ilo: Matkaan • 30 seconds

TV, digiscreen and web • Production company & Agency: Sherpa

Billebeino: Harvest • 30 seconds

Cinema, digiscreen and web • Production company: Raw&Land


At The Hollow: Down

Music video for At The Hollow

Gasellit: Suojaus Petti

Music video for Gasellit • Part of the Ylex & Väestöliitto Kesäkumi campaign • Production Company: Cocoa 



Are you ready for a new beginning?

Sunday Stone

Just playing around.


Ruka: Cream

Two weeks of filming in Ruka with a dream team.

Ruka: Odyssey


First season of DC Transitors

A web series following the DC snow team around the globe. Here’s the fourth episode of the season. Find the rest of the episodes on DC Shoes’ Youtube channel.

Toni Kerkelä: X Games Real Snow

Toni’s submission to the X Games Real Snow invite only video contest.

About me

I’m a director from Helsinki who’s raised by the dense forests of Finland. I learned the basics of film making through snowboarding. Some of the basics I learned are: the art of smoothness, the value of craftsmanship and the importance of not to miss a shot.

I like to keep things simple. If there would be a number one rule in my work that would be not to make boring films. Besides of this my aim is to make beautiful films that make us feel.

I’m interested in commercials, music videos, content creation and experimental projects. Let’s get busy!

For more work:

Petrus Koskinen, Director Helsinki
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